Mule Deer Hunting in Okanogan, WA with Okanogan Vally Guide Service

Okanogan Valley Guide Service had one of those seasons that our hunters will remember! Every season went as expected, from early archery, muzzleloader, rifle, to late archery! We ran another 100% opportunity this year with a 96% harvest rate! This is something we all strive for.

We had the great opportunity to have another camera crew in this season. Cabela's American Archer featured on the Outdoor Channel. Mike Sherrill from Wolf Creek and Mike McCallister from Cabela's. Both awesome guys and a blast to have in camp. Mike McCallister hunted a total of 15 min this season with a beautiful 3 pt coming in right after daylight and Mike Sherrill hunting 3 days harvesting another beautiful 3 pt. Make sure to watch for it this spring and fall on the Outdoor Channel. You won't want to miss it!

Later into the Archery season we had Jim Burnworth and his daughter Katie from Western Extream! Jim did what he does best.... spot and stalked a gorgeous buck that just migrated into the area making a 53 yards shot! The shot was perfect or as Jimmy would say "I put it in the ten ring". That buck went a total of 25 yards and was done, harvesting a wonderful 4 pt. His daughter Katie shot her first Mule Deer with a bow at 20 yards! Harvesting a 3x4! Seeing Jim sharing a hunt with his daughter was awesome! Something I'm looking forward in doing with my kids... Make sure to look for Western Extream on the Outdoor Channel this spring and fall for there is never a dull moment having them in camp!

Feel free to look threw out the website. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. I will make sure to get back to you as quick as I can!

2014 Deer Season Video Footage

2014 Mule Deer with Jim Burnworth

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Jim Burnsworth Deer Hunting

2014 More Mule Deer Success!

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

2014 Raffle Tag Deer

Raffle Tag Deer

2013 Mule Deer Photos

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Jim Burnworth's 2012 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Jerrod Gibbons' 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Austin Blackwell's 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Slade Blackwell's 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Ray Bunny's 2012 Mule Deer

ray bunny mule deer hunting okanogan valley guide service

Brian Fuente's 2012 Mule Deer

brian fuentes mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Tiffany Haugen's 2012 Mule Deer

tiffany haugen mule deer hunting

Braxton Haugen's 2012 Mule Deer

braxton haugen mule deer 2012

As you can see from the photos above, all hunters shot nice representable bucks for our various deer seasons and they had the opportunity to see the giants that we do have.

We take great pride in our work. All the guides work together to help other hunters succeed while in camp. Since 2004, Okanogan Valley Guide Service has run with a 93% success rate. All we ask of our hunters is to trust us in our judgment, and give us four to five good days of hunting and we will succeed.

Check out our deer page to learn more about mule deer hunting and whitetail deer hunting options






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