Mule Deer Hunting in Okanogan, WA with Okanogan Vally Guide Service

Another season under wraps! Okanogan Valley Guide Service went Hollywood again for a third strait year having Jim Burnworth and the Western Extream crew up. Jimmy brought up Steve Torrance. World Champion Drag Racer! Slade and Austin Blackwell where Slade is the Alabama State senator! Good time in camp with these guys and harvested some great deer for them as well. Make sure to watch it all on "Western Extreme" Featured on the Outdoor Channel this spring and fall of 2014.

Also on the Sportsman Channel showing in August: Tiffany Haugen will harvest her first archery buck with a bow. Look for "The Hunt" with Scott Haugen. This was a great time to hang with the Haugen's and their family. Seeing Braxton harvest his first buck with a bow and Tiffany doing the same with her bow as well.

This was a season of weather..... And a lack of it! We had rain in the summer, warm October temps with a full moon during the rifle season... And no snow in the high country to push the normal amount of migrating deer out of the hills. All in all, we had a crazy weather year.

We still harvested animals during all our seasons and did very well on our opportunity rate. Just made things a little tougher and actually hunted hard for a full season instead of tagging every body out in the first couple days of their hunt.

We look forward to having you in camp. Please look through the website and feel free to contact me on any questions you might have.

2013 Mule Deer Photos

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

2013 Mule Deer with Jim Burnsworth

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Jim Burnsworth's 2012 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Whitetail deer taken during late archery season 2013

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Jerrod Gibbons' 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Austin Blackwell's 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Slade Blackwell's 2013 Mule Deer

jim burnworth mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Ray Bunny's 2012 Mule Deer

ray bunny mule deer hunting okanogan valley guide service

Brian Fuente's 2012 Mule Deer

brian fuentes mule deer hunting okanogan wa

Tiffany Haugen's 2012 Mule Deer

tiffany haugen mule deer hunting

Braxton Haugen's 2012 Mule Deer

braxton haugen mule deer 2012

As you can see from the photos above, all hunters shot nice representable bucks for our various deer seasons and they had the opportunity to see the giants that we do have.

We take great pride in our work. All the guides work together to help other hunters succeed while in camp. Since 2004, Okanogan Valley Guide Service has run with a 93% success rate. All we ask of our hunters is to trust us in our judgment, and give us four to five good days of hunting and we will succeed.

Check out our deer page to learn more about mule deer hunting and whitetail deer hunting options






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